Join One of the Best Choral Groups in Fayetteville, NC

Cumberland Choral Arts is always happy to accept new members in our growing family. Some of our singers have shared their stories and experiences while being a member of our group. Read on to learn more.

“Cumberland Choral Arts has been a part of my life for over 25 years. Singing challenging, melodic, sometimes jazzy or Broadway songs has kept my interest in this group without fail. Besides the music, the camaraderie among the singers, be they male, female, older or younger has kept the group moving forward. Looking “forward” to another great year!”

— Mary Potter

“I have been more than pleased to have been part of Cumberland Oratorio Singers for the past 9 years. Singing with a group of people who not only have talent, but a tremendous love of so many different types of music is a true joy. I have made friends outside my everyday sphere and each has brought much into my life. My decision to become part of this outstanding group has been a blessing and I know the future will bring beautiful music for years to come!”

— Risa Cheney

“I was in the NC Master Chorale for 10 years until I moved to Fayetteville. To say I was saddened is an understatement. That was until I researched the web, and found the Cumberland Oratorio Singers. I corresponded with Michael Martin, and he invited me to attend the next Monday night's rehearsal. I love singing with this group of musicians, and very soon my sadness turned into joy!”

— Betsy Gurney

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